The Best Natural Stress Reliever.
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" This tincture has been a game changer for my stress & anxiety.. I have tried many other forms of relief (including other tinctures) but this has been superior to them all. I carry it with me and just use it as needed and feel calm right away.. Really special stuff. Thank you so so much! "


Sherman Oaks, CA

Signs that stress is taking over:

Swirling thoughts & restless thinking 
Excessive mental chatter 
Brain fog 
Inability to focus 
Low productivity 
Frequently overwhelmed 
Excessive worry 
Easily frustrated 
Quick to anger 
Agitated energy 
Nervous gut 
Low emotional resilience 
Tense body, such as a clenched jaw, tightness in the shoulders 
Inability to relax 
Difficulty falling asleep 
 Sleep interrupted by a surge of energy 
Low immune response 
Low morale

Don’t let stress rule your life. 
This Herbalist's signature blend is just what you need.


Up to 90 doses of relief per bottle.

add to your beverage or take straight up!

But don't take our word for it...

“I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately and this has really helped get me back on track. I can stress out to the point where I literally can’t think straight. But I’ll take this and within a couple minutes I regain my focus so I can be productive again. I also take a stronger dose at the end of my day to chill out, it’s really nice. It came with a guide card showing how much to take and that was super helpful. This works!”


San Diego, CA

"I drink this whenever I’m stressed out & feel better within minutes. Everybody needs this."


New York, NY

"I absolutely love this tincture. For me it conjures images of Wonder Woman putting on her battle armor, or maybe Xena, Warrior Princess. :) I think of it as battle armor for my crazy life! "


Portland, OR

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Helps to relax muscle tension and quiet mental chatter.

Ashwandha Root

Increases the bodies natural resistance to stressors.

Milky Oats

Essential for those exhausted, worn down, burned out as it nourishes and rebuilds a depleted nervous system.


Proven to soothe and relax the nervous system. 
Gentle LavenderFlower

Braven is a full-spectrum formula designed for immediate & long-term benefits.

A Single Dose Feels Like: 

✦ A herbal hug 
✦ Calm, grounded energy 
✦ Hearing yourself think clearly 
✦ A soft, easeful body 
✦ Strong & capable vibes

Repeat Use Feels Like:

✦ Chilling out, often 
✦ Not sweating the small stuff 
✦ Finding gratitude 
✦ More zest for life 
✦ Courage over fear

Vegan ✿ Organic ✿ Gluten-Free ✿ No Added Coloring or Flavouring ✿ Handmade ✿ Lab-Tested ✿ Focus Group Approved

Ready to feel your best self?


1 bottle
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3 bottles 
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5 bottles
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How do I take this tincture?

Each tincture comes with a dosing guide with detailed suggestions. A typical dose ranges from 1-2 ml. Add your dose to whatever you’re drinking & let the plants do the rest.

When should I take this tincture?

This tincture is non-sedating and can be used day and/or night. This tincture is formulated for both immediate & long-term effects. We recommend taking this tincture: Daily as a restorative tonic. Prior to facing a known stressor. In response to feelings of stress and/or overwhelm.

How long is a bottle good for?

There are up to 90 doses per bottle, which can be used for 3 years after opening. This tincture’s high shelf-stability comes from its organic cane alcohol base.

What makes this tincture so effective?

Quick Absorption

This tincture’s liquid format & bioavailable ingredients means easy absorption for immediate effects. Personalized dosing means you get exactly how much you need, when you need it.

Meticulous Formulation
The ingredients were chosen for individual & synergistic results, creating a full-spectrum formula that offers immediate and long-term benefits.Purposefully designed to target the three chakras where stress typically manifests in the body: head, heart & gut.Multiple rounds of focus group testing determined the final formula. Participants of the focus group all identified as struggling with chronic stress and/or occasional anxiety, and 98% found relief from single and/or repeat use.

Thoughtful Sourcing
The ingredients are grown & harvested from US Organic Farms located on the West Coast in California & Oregon.As part of sourcing, a sample ingredient from a potential farm is turned into a tincture & tested for efficacy in its final format. If desired results are achieved only then is the source confirmed. 

Expertise in Production
Our tinctures are produced in a Lab in Northern California that is fully compliant with The FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices.

Stringent Quality Control Measures
We require Certificates of Analysis to prove Lab Testing has been performed on each ingredient prior to incorporating it into our tinctures (for every batch.)We perform internal Lab Testing on the finished product prior to market release. We test for yeast, mold & other contaminants. When QC passes we label each batch with a LOT# for tracking, and keep a sample for our records.

What does this Tincture taste like?

This highly concentrated tincture has an earthy taste, dark color & herbaceous scent.

Take pride in these tell-tale signs of potency! For a tasty option, add to your smoothie, tea or sparkling beverage

How long will it take to receive this tincture?

Though we strive to get orders out as quickly as possible, we are a small team & processing can take anywhere from 2-5 business days.

We ship out from our studio located in Portland, Oregon using USPS or UPS. You may select your desired shipping speed at checkout. For turnaround times specific to your location please refer to USPS Postal Service or UPS websites accordingly.

If you have anything else you're not sure about, please feel free to reach out at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.