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On the surface, a forest is as it appears. But beneath the bond of first glance, there lies a hidden source: a secret language of things, whose translation reveals the wilds of wonder. A story of soil and soul, writ between roots, whispered in hushes of wind and set to the choreography of leaves. It is from this realm that we cull our ingredients, combining wild medicines of the forest—natural oils and botanicals—with clinically active ingredients, all meticulously selected for our products, which are truly transformative, right down to their very nature.


We design our products to nourish both inside and out in a way that honors the holistic approach of our apothecary heritage. Our formulations are grounded in both Eastern and Western disciplines. We use both ancient and modern active ingredients to develop products that are truly transformative. Our products are designed in sets that complement each other (like sisters), to restore balance and awaken beauty. CLEBAN is your gateway to experiencing the magic of nature and the “wild” within.

Powered by organic wild plants & adaptogens.
Amplified by vitamin, rock & mineral.
Free of GMO, parabens, synthetic colors, flavors & fragrances.
Plant ingredients paired to enhance functionality.
Potent formulations designed to nourish your beauty in small doses.

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