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We inherited this story. It begins in an apothecary established in 1850, Amsterdam—later sold to our grandfather in 1961. This is a story of place. A place we return to in our minds time and again. A place of community, where women gathered in excited chatter to exchange rituals, discover the latest in skincare or the current must-have supplement, and enjoy a dropje (or two).

We continue this story today with great trepidation and respect, small in comparison to its legacy.

This is a story of sisterhood. For she is my other half, and the privilege of continuing this story is thanks to her innovation. She is the genius, the eternal student—and nature is her greatest teacher. There’s a spark in her eye as she endeavours, with great passion and exhaustive precision, to formulate products fueled with the wild, healing power of plant, rock, and mineral.

This story is inspired by nature. We fell under her spell at a very early age. Moments of pure magic experienced in the outdoors, strung together in the tapestry of our foundation. She believed wholeheartedly in fairies, exchanging handwritten notes by moonlight. I was visited by elves, and almost always in a tree.

This is a story of duality, in a way that we fail to really capture. It’s written between the lines of Eastern healing traditions and Western disciplines. It’s a vibrant mix of ancient botanical and modern active ingredients. It’s the combination of She and I. And so our products are curated in pairs, like sisters. One working from the outside in, the other from the inside out—both designed to achieve the same purpose: to nourish your wild beauty.

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