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The Nurturer's Bundle

Their wellbeing is essential.  

Give the gift of easeful days, restful nights & natural skin health. This bundle is for the nurturer in your life who tend in ways that inspire, nurture & guide. 

What's in the box? 

✿ Braven & Nocturne - this stress relief tincture pairing offers stress-free days & deep quality sleep. 

✿ Palo Santo- Sustainably wild harvested from naturally fallen trees. Aromatic cleansing tool for relaxation & peace setting. 

✿ Your choice:

Lumen Moisturizer- a decadent illuminating facial moisturizer made with floral waters & skin nourishing plant oils. 


Warrior Salve*- an unapologetically green herbal salve made of potent plant oils & rich beeswax for head-to-toe healing.

*Your purchase of Warrior Salve will be matched by donating to Herbalists Without Borders where it will be used to care for communities in need. Warrior has demonstrated its impact on skin health of those impacted by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, trauma & other access barriers to health & wellness.