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"Can’t believe these actually worked! Glad i got the 3 pack coz it was only the second day that I realized it was for sure working. They don’t taste great but who cares cuz they work. The stress one made me feel chill and the sleep one worked even more. I’m feeling a lot less depleted already. Getting the full bottles now!"

Malibu, CA


This tastes awful.

It's formulated for efficacy, not taste.
We're old school like that.
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Helps to relax muscle tension and quiet mental chatter.

Ashwandha Root

Increases the bodies natural resistance to stressors.

Milky Oats

Essential for those exhausted, worn down, burned out as it nourishes and rebuilds a depleted nervous system.


Proven to soothe and relax the nervous system. 



California Poppy

Helps relieve pain in the body that may inhibit sleep.


Used for centuries to ease insomnia, anxiety, and nervous restlessness.


Helps to relax muscle tension and quiet mental chatter.


Known to calm anxiety and promote relaxation.

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All-Purpose Healing Salve

For all your (family) skin care needs- plant powered first aid. 

Stress Relief Aromatherapy

Instantly reset your space, mind & body with this vetiver-holy basil forward scent.  

Soft Dutch Licorice

Unique, herbal-forward licorice straight from Holland.
Gluten Free  • Dairy Free • Vegan



How do I take these tinctures?

Braven is for (non-sedating) stress relief. Nocturne is for sleep

Take a full vial straight. Or, if the taste is too strong, add to any non-caffeinated beverage. 

Take note of how you feel before & after use. You will feel the effects within 20-30 minutes of your completed dose. 

Taking these tinctures repeatedly over time also brings cumulative benefits. Still have questions? Email us at

Do I need to take both vials at the same time?
Braven is for (non-sedating) stress relief. Nocturne is for sleep. 

We recommend taking Braven during the day, Nocturne 30 mins before bedtime. 
 For best results we do recommend taking them within a 24 hour period of each other. Doing so acts as a closed loop system of stressing less & sleeping well, offering deeper restoration to your nervous system.

What makes these tinctures so effective?

Quick Absorption
Natural beings deserve natural solutions. A tincture’s liquid format & bioavailable ingredients makes for easy absorption & immediate effects. Personalized dosing means you get exactly how much you need, when you need it.

Meticulous Formulation
The ingredients are chosen for their ability to address where & how stress & sleeplessness manifest in the body (mentally, physically + energetically) resulting in full-spectrum formulas that work holistically with you.

Multiple rounds of focus group testing informs the final formula, so that at least 80% of participants find relief from single and/or repeat use.

Thoughtful Sourcing
The ingredients are grown & harvested from US Organic Farms located on the West Coast (California & Oregon.) First, a sample ingredient from a potential farm is turned into a tincture & tested for potency. If desired effects are achieved only then is the source confirmed.

Expertise In Production
Our tinctures are meticulously made in our lab in Northern California. Our lab is fully compliant with The FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs.) We use high ratios of herbs to organic liquid and all the herbs adequate steep times, resulting in a high potency extraction.Tell-tale signs of a high quality tincture include: dark colors, profound smells & distinct, bold flavors.

Stringent Quality Control Measures
We require Certificates of Analysis to prove Lab Testing has been performed on each ingredient prior to incorporating it into our tinctures. We always perform internal Lab Testing on all finished goods prior to market release, testing for yeast, mold & other contaminants. When QC passes we label each batch with a LOT# for tracking, and keep a sample for our records.

Why Is there alcohol in your tincture?
We chose organic cane alcohol as it offers the highest potency extraction for the medicinal herbs to do their work. It also makes these tincture very shelf stable, lasting up to three years after opening.

We appreciate that not everyone can consume alcohol. Please keep in touch for new releases. 
How long will it take to receive my order?
Though we strive to get orders out as quickly as possible, we are a small team & processing can take anywhere from 2-5 business days.

We ship out from our studio located in Portland, Oregon using USPS or UPS. You may select your desired shipping speed at checkout. For turnaround times specific to your location please refer to USPS Postal Service or UPS websites accordingly.

Please note:
Making these mini-tinctures is a slow & intentional process. The herbs steep in organic cane alcohol for weeks to achieve this level of potency. Every vial is hand filled, every pack meticulously assembled. These glass vials are packaged with care so they arrive intact & ready to support you. 

This is not a subscription. This is a one time purchase offer. These packs are highly discounted for a limited time and are an introductory offer to our full size tinctures. While discounts are in effect there is a limit of ONE ORDER PER CUSTOMER. Additionally the $2 packs are limited to one per order. If more than one $2 pack is selected you will be refunded the difference and only 1 pack will be sent. We are a small family business trying diligently to get the word out & share in the benefits that potent plant medicine can bring. Thank you for your support & patience as we fulfill these orders!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, or if you have a medical condition.