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We crafted ONE product for all your skincare needs.

dry skin, irritated skin, itchy skin, rough skin, chapped lips, cuts, wounds, scratches, bruises, scars, eczema, acne, cuticles, nipples, splinters, split-ends, blisters, tattoos, dry nostrils, bites, stings, rashes, stretch marks, diaper rash, after-shave, pet paws, foot balm, chest rub, hydrating mask, cleansing balm, massage balm, make-up remover, postpartum care & more.
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Formulated with healing plant oils.

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Held together by local organic beeswax.

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Sourced from Pacific Coast Farms.

Choose from these 2 easy sizes.

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Warrior (60g)

For your bathroom counter, office desk or bedside table.
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Warrior (30g)

On-the-go size for your diaper bag, purse, gym bag & more!
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