Plant medicine you can feel from makers you can trust.


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Trusting Plants Since 1850

Cleban & Daughters is a co-creation of two sisters Roxane & Liana. 

We weave the warm lineage of our Asian maternal side & the plant-based precision from our Opa’s classic Dutch Apothecary circa 1850.

Together we connect people to plant medicine, offering thoughtful everyday herbal essentials to fuel your best self. 

Know Us Better
  • Bioavailable.

    We use whole plant parts in slow preparations that are then easily assimilated into your body.

  • Meticulous.

    Our carefully formulated blends reveal the synergistic power of plants & challenge common pharmaceuticals.

  • Real.

    Quality ingredients can only come from caring hands. We respectfully source only the best that nature provides by working with small scale farms that bring heart to their work. 

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  • "Hands down the best sleep tincture I have tried. The best part is I feel full of energy during the day."

    Jessica, Portland, OR

  • "I use Warrior Salve as soon as I see any skin irritation and within minutes its cleared up. This has become a family staple!"

    Jordan, L.A., CA

  • "Braven has helped round out my anxiety during stressful times. I can feel the effects within minutes. Thank you so much."

    Luke, Buffalo, NY