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Nourish your well-being



Our Tinctures, Mood Mists & Salves engage the body’s various systems, treating the body in harmony. First established in 1850 Amsterdam, the holistic approach of the original Cleban apothecary remains at the heart of our line today.


This is but one chapter in a long-standing heritage of healing. Sisters Roxane & Liana spent their childhood summers above their Opa’s apothecary, not realizing the influence those moments would have.

Liana went on to accumulate several degrees, including a Masters in Business before discovering her heart’s work in Herbalism. As Chief Formulator she artfully crafts potent formulations with an East meets West style befitting to our upbringing.

Inspired by the meaning the apothecary held to its community of devoted customers, Roxane dreamt of running a shop just like her Opas. After several years of working in retail, she is doing just that.


Cleban was founded by Michel Cleban in 1850 Amsterdam as a “drogisterij,” loosely translated as “apothecary.” A century later our grandfather was given a job as a clerk, the shopkeeper being a distant relative. Twenty years later he took ownership, working alongside his son for years before passing the apothecary onto him. 

We remember it as a place of community & healing, where you would find elixirs & salves, vitamins & supplements, and be treated to a salty dropje (Dutch licorice) on your way out.


Ten years after the original apothecary in Amsterdam closed its doors, we launched in the Golden State of California. As a commitment to sustainability, every step in our manufacturing process is California based. Abundant agriculture here provides access to high quality ingredients. We are blessed with masterful resources- herbalists, practitioners & manufacturers who help bring our creations to life.