Flower Essences 101

Flower Essences 101

Preserved with alcohol & without scent, flower essences are gentle harmonizers that nourish the emotional state of an individual (1). Flower essences are not essential oils; they do not contain active constituents; they do not contain parts of the flower.  Flower essences are an impression of a bloom or a part of a flower captured at a specific time in a specific way.  

Flower essences interact with the subtle, completely invisible human energetic field

Flower essences interact with the subtle, completely invisible human energetic field.  They play with our spirit, encompass our patterns of pain, elevate our mood, shift thoughts subtly, and move energy fluidly.  A flower does not hold on, a flower is not capable of stagnation or limiting beliefs.  

   We are all energy. Everything within us & around us contains energy.  

Think about what can impact energy & therefore the vibration of a flower.  The root system.  The time of day.  The altitude.  The proximity to the ocean; the air quality in general.  How the seed was started & continued growing ie) was the seed planted via wind or by a herbalist in a greenhouse?  Consider the plants that the flower grew near, the community it lived in.   Consider the relationships.   Think about the sunlight; the moonlight.  The noises.  Everything that affects a flower streamlines into the essence of the flower; everything that affects a human, becomes the essence of a human.  We are sensitive, Earth inflorescences, too.  

Energetic healing is a medicinal modality because energetic healing moves energy.

Healing is a sensitive, subtle force.  Energetic healing is a medicinal modality because energetic healing moves energy.  We are grateful to the flowers, the essences they make & the energetic medicine they offer.  Their resilience, beauty & humility & fluidity are a force we are humbled to share with you.   

You can find flower essences in Braven, our tincture for stress & anxiety. Populus tremula (Aspen) is our favorite for moving through feelings of fear from unknown sources & Mimulus Guttatus is a yellow bloom that offers ease in unfolding towards a fearless, authentic self.  

May the flowers hold you so you can see yourself whole. 

With love,

Big sis + Little sis



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