Tincture 101

Tincture 101

To Tincture 

To tincture something is to honor it enough to preserve it. Usually done in alcohol, tincturing Nature is an ancient method to consolidate a plant’s potent powers in a thoughtful & precise way. We like to think of a tincture similar to a concentrated tea. Once harvested, the desired parts of a plant or fungi steep in alcohol for several weeks. This slow maceration allows for the extraction of active parts. The liquid is further extracted by 25 tonnes of force, making sure not one drop is wasted. The result?  A medicinal, shelf-stable liquid brimming with plant life.



Occasionally we will use organic vegetable glycerine in our tincturing. However, for the most part, we believe using organic cane alcohol is the best way to extract and preserve plant constituents. We not only honor this traditional way of tincturing, but we believe it results in the greatest efficacy & stability. Take note, the amount of alcohol in each serving of our tinctures is quite low. See Chart. We do not recommend our tinctures for children.

Start Small & Let Your Body Guide You

As with all of our tinctures, start small & trust your body will lead you to the dose of energy it needs. Play Goldilocks. You can try: one dropper sublingually once a day for 10 days.  One dropper sublingually twice a day for 10 days.  Two droppers sublingually twice a day for 10 days.  Then settle on what’s right for you.  

Shake It Well  

This medicine is highly potent because it is made in small batches, comes from Nature & is made as fresh as possible.  That means there may be small amounts of sediment that has gathered at the bottom of our bottles. We celebrate & honor this process & wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s normal; it’s imperfect & it’s totally Cleban & Daughters.  Large pieces of the leaf, stem & flower will not be found in your 2oz tincture yet sometimes teeny, tiny portions of the plant will be present right alongside the bioavailable infused constituents.

Op of onder de tong

Pardon our Dutch, yet this is important!  We suggest taking our tinctures op of onder de tong - on or under the tongue.  Your mouth is full of small capillaries that can soak up and send the tincture straight into the blood stream- so holding it in the mouth for two breaths is our favourite delivery.  Or you can add it to a like-minded drink.  

Still or Sparkling? #Both

You can take it as is by placing the drops of tincture on or under your tongue or you can add it to the water(s) of your liking.  Be mindful in your pairing: a sleepy chamomile tea + Nocturne.  Lemon LaCroix + Electra.  Filtered tap water + Braven.  Make it easy, make it versatile, make it you.  Tag us & show us your favourite way of combining it in like-minded ways.


CBD?  Sure, but Not Always.

As you can see, our current tinctures don’t contain Cannabis.  CBD (Cannabidiol) is simply a constituent of cannabis & cannabis is simply one flowering plant out of upwards of fifty thousand flowering plants with medicinal properties.  Yes.  Fifty thousand. (2)  A tincture can have cannabis yet not all tinctures have cannabis.  Remember: cannabis is only one flowering species! 


All Heal with A Little Smell

Valerian aka All Heal has powerful volatile oils in its roots.  The roots of Valerian are why Nocturne has a smell unlike anything you’ve smelled before.  If your tincture smells a little overwhelming then carry on, there’s potent medicine there!  Mix with something to water down the taste, if you’d like, & enjoy the calming, anxiolytic properties of All Heal. 


How Quickly?

You will feel the effects within 15-30 minutes after the tincture moves through your systems. These sensations sustain themselves for 1-4 hours.  The dosage, your lifestyle & your constitution contribute to the specific length of time. Visit the product page for more dosing suggestions. 


Babies & Boobs

Talk with your Clinical Herbalist, your midwife, or Primary Care Physician before incorporating new herbs while you're pregnant & breastfeeding.  As with all of our tinctures, keep out of the reach of children.   

Braven (stress & anxiety relief): Not recommended during pregnancy.  

Nocturne (sleep support): Not recommended during pregnancy. 

Electra (energy support): Not recommended during pregnancy. Not recommended during breastfeeding. 



New to tinctures?

Get a taste of how they can support you with our Mini-Tincs.




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